Rebecca Benenati has been in the business of Health and Fitness since 1992. Before training as a doula, she'd already made a name for herself with her own personal training, private yoga and massage business. She began teaching yoga in 1993 after being reminded of how fun it was to move and stretch like she did as a young gymnast. Her yoga practice has not only become a way of life, it has become the one single thing that keeps her grounded, sane, happy, challenged and strong.

As a mother of two, Rebecca knows the challenges of everyday life so her yoga classes are tough, though not just physically. She challenges her students by asking them to think about certain concepts and ideas while practicing to help make the practice more rich and meaningful. She is deeply inspired to make space in her classes for her students to feel what is going on in their bodies and not just tell them what to do and how to do it.

In addition to her extensive training and experience in yoga, personal training, massage, aromatherapy and meditation, Rebecca is a certified doula, having studied with DONA International approved doula trainers Ana Paula Markel and Judy Chapman. Rebecca currently teaches the comfort measures segment at doula trainings at Bini Birth in Sherman Oaks.  This was a natural progression in the work she has already been doing for so many years . Rebecca thrives on supporting and nurturing women as they make the most wondrous transition into motherhood. She has created a large community on her own by making sure all new mothers feel connected to each other. Rebecca holds regular gatherings with women to ensure that no woman ever feels alone. 

Rebeca has mentored many aspiring yoga teachers, massage therapists, personal trainers, wellness advocates and doulas. She finds the role of "Mentor" a high honor like Motherhood. It is a real honor for Rebecca to have students that wish to learn more intimately how to apply the work in several different case studies whether it is in the delivery room or the yoga room. 

Rebecca has been using aromatherapy and the application of oils for wellness for over 20 years. She is currently a wellness advocate for DoTerra essential oils to all of her services to enhance the well being of her students and private clients.