Dear Lookers, Seekers and those awake with Curious Minds,

Welcome to my first blog. I am excited to sit and offer some insight and wisdom to you. I am gearing up for a busy birthing season. June and July are going to be nice and full of bellies, babies, hormones and helping. I do this job for two reasons. First, I am a born caretaker. I come from a long lineage of women that took great care of their men, their children, their church community, their neighbors and themselves. I know nothing better than how to serve another human being. I love knowing that my clients are looking to me for strength, calmness, wisdom and comfort. When I know I am helping women feel more trusting of the whole birthing process, I feel grateful that I know how to selflessly serve another human being. The second reason I do this job is to witness the moment a couple become parents. In my opinion, it is the most profound thing they will ever do together and it makes them bonded for LIFE. This event is bigger than their wedding day, it is the story they will tell a thousand more times than the story of their wedding day. I love to be there to see the love bond happen and the look and sounds of absolute amazement that two people created one! ( sometimes two! or even three!) I know that as my busy months start to get closer I will do my usual preparing and over preparing to make sure my everyday life is kept up. I know that I will also start to do my usual clear and vivid flashback show of my own two births. The two days I swelled with love and amazement that I had become a parent.

The day you give birth will stay with you for your whole life. Every time you tell the story you will melt in your own heart and relive one of your most powerful experiences. The depth, emotions and roller coaster of your story is the best story you will live to tell not matter how you give birth. When unexpected things happen, when you surprise yourself with strength to push or to make a decision to surrender to other options you didn't consider or didn't want, you will tell those parts of your birth story with more self honor because you will survive.

The day you give birth, you will magically remember the nurses names. You will remember one or two things they said that you liked or didn't like. Yes, we do that anyway, but you will remember amidst a flood of hormones and emotion, sweat and moans. That is the amazing thing. That is one of many.