Trimesters, Trimesters, one, two and three!

First trimester-( the first glorious 12 weeks) 

The first 12 weeks of your pregnancy are filled with excitement. Whether that excitement comes in the form of joy, laughter, wonder, happiness, tears and even vomit! The way I see it, when your body does big things, like start the process of growing a human, it is exciting to see how your body responds. Some women feel great during this first 12 weeks, others do not and then there are all the feelings I between those two that are where you might be. Maybe you feel a little bit great and a little bit awful. Either way, you are pregnant!!!!! That is the excitement of the first trimester. Now in more practical terms, you may be feeling many or all of the following:

 *mood swings

* nausea

*increase in appetite

*breast tenderness and size increase


*sensitivity to smells, tastes, light and loud noise

*tired to the point of needing to pull over, lay down on your office floor and/or just put your head down for 10 minutes.  


It is important to keep a healthy and nutritious diet during your whole pregnancy. The best way to get relief from nausea is to eat little bits of food throughout the day versus having three big meals with snacks in between. Saltine crackers or Anya cracker with a bland taste work wonders in soothing your sensitive tummy. More recently the ever so popular sour flavored, gummy candies have worked great as well.  


These first 12 weeks are also very sensitive in that you may not be ready to announce your bigs news. Keeping this secret may be more challenging then dealing with the tiredness, hunger and breast tenderness. You may wish to wait to share with your loved ones until you have had a doctor appointment and a heart beat has been confirmed.


Second trimester- ( weeks 13-26 aka the weeks of turning the corner) 


In these weeks, you may start to feel like you recognize yourself and your life again. You may have new bursts of energy that make you feel on top of the world. Your news may be out and spreading and along with that you may start getting more attention from strangers. Strangers, let's talk about them. I think strangers that want to touch your belly, tell you what they think the sex is based on how you are carrying and tell you their birth story really do have good intentions. If you think about it, birth and babies make everyone remember that we all once started out the same! That said, boundaries are still and will always be an important part of this process. If you can find it in you to laugh off the lack of the strangers boundaries and clear their lingering energy around you, you will survive this very exciting time.

Some things to know about your body in this trimester:

* your energy may come back, in spurts but it will return

* weight gain. Embrace it! you can't grow a baby without gaining some weight (please seek extra support if you have dealt with or are currently dealing with eating disorders)

*Blood pressure lowers while blood volume increases

*change in body temperature. typically you get hotter and more sweaty

*leg cramps, feet cramps and varicose veins may start showing up

*active dreaming and overactive fear, doubt and worry. It is these things that make me want to scream from a mountain top, get support! Surround yourself with other pregnant women, new mamas, mentors and talk about all of these things with them and your partners.

Third Trimester- (27-38 weeks)

You are close now! In these weeks you may go back to needing more naps and rest in general. Your body is carrying more weight now as baby has grown a lot. Your joints, hips, knees and ankles all need strength to support the extra weight. This is a good reason to start if you haven't already, 'some exercise. Yoga being my favorite of course, followed by walking and swimming. You have probably been feeling baby move a lot now and you probably look forward to those little flutters that remind you of the amazing thing you are doing.  Braxton Hicks contractions are something new to you now, or not. They are the "false", or wake up contractions that are usually a symptom of dehydration.

What to expect in these weeks:

*abdominal muscles seperate

*back ache

*stomach is high making it clear that small meals, snacks are best

*swelling may be in feet, ankles and hands

*carpal tunnel syndrome

*Nesting takes over! The need to make space for baby and start getting ready to bring baby home.

This is the scoop on your weeks of growing baby! The next step is labor and delivery. My next blog will inform you of what to look for, when to go to the hospital, what you need to take with you and how to stay in control of your experience while also doing the biggest surrender of your life, besides letting your little ones grow to be who they are meant to be.

You can reach me by email for more information and to schedule private or semi-private childbirth education classes.