Guest Blogger Angelique Cabral from CBS "Life In Pieces"

C-Sections can have Doulas,Too!!

by Angelique Cabral from CBS "Life In Pieces"

When I first heard I had a “partial" Placenta Priva and I would “possibly" have to have a C-Section, I ignored it. That wasn’t in my birth plan, or even something I had ever considered. In fact, it was so far from my birth plan that when we took our tour of Cedars, I straight up told them I didn’t want to see the operating rooms, as I would not be having a C!!

My doctor said my placenta could “possibly" still move, so I assumed it would, since everything in my pregnancy had been perfect and flawless so far, why would this be any different?

But the closer we got to my due date, and the more doctors and specialists I saw without change to my placenta, I couldn’t ignore the intuitive knowing that my placenta, although perfect and healthy, was gonna fuck me.

Now, I had hired Rebecca to be my doula early on in my pregnancy. I religiously attended her pre-natal yoga class and continued to “act-as-if” I was going to have a normal vaginal delivery. We had our first doula session, and it was beautiful and we chatted about laboring at home and having this beautiful, natural, feminine experience.

Cut to 3 weeks later when all of the doctors told me, unanimously, that my placenta hadn’t budged. It was not an option to labor. I had to have a scheduled C section. I was heartbroken and devastated that I wasn’t gonna be able to labor and get deep into my primal feminine power that I had been training my whole life for. I was also mourning because I had to have said C section at about 38 weeks, so my beautiful pregnancy, that I loved so much, was being terminated early, and not on my terms.

It was at this point that I feel Rebecca really stepped in and changed the course of the remaining days of my pregnancy. We came up with a “birth plan” and she made me feel like nothing was wrong and all of this was unfolding in perfection. She reminded me that the baby was already taking care of me, and that I was still laboring, but instead giving birth thru my abdomen.

The evening before the big Birthday, Rebecca came over to our house in the evening and created space for the baby with us. It was the most tender, special, beautiful evening my husband and I have ever had. She calmly answered all of our questions, and went thru every moment step by step so we would know what to expect the next morning. She left us that evening in a beautiful meditation, our home and hearts feeling ready for our new baby that was on her way to us.

The next morning, Rebecca met us at the hospital, right as we arrived. Her very presence put us at ease and everything felt fun and celebratory. Rebecca is such a pro, and is so well known at Cedars, that we didn’t have to worry about anything. She led the way and took charge, so we could be enjoy our daughter’s birth and not be worried about details and pedantics. She never left my side. She massaged my feet, calmed me during pre-op, was helpful and attentive with all the nurses and doctors. She was glues to me and Jason, monitoring our moods and every need. She made sure my “birth plan” was respected, she made sure my mantras were playing and that there was no side talk, delayed cord clamping etc. Again I didn’t have to worry about anything, because she was there.

My surgery went perfectly, the baby was (and still is!!) perfect and healthy in every way. Rebecca was there through it all, capturing beautiful first photographs of us in the OR, and was with us for several hours post-surgery to make sure we were stable. A lot of that post-surgery is a blur of emotion, love, tears, relief. I just remember Rebecca being there, smiling, easy and ever present, yet never over bearing or in the way. Just orchestrating as she moved thru the room, taking care of us, taking care of baby. Rebecca made Adelaide Grace’s birthday special, and made my C-section something I am so proud of and so confident about and I can’t wait to have her with us again for my next baby!!!