Time to Deliver

You are going to have some signs of labor. This much we know is true. What will those signs be? It could be nausea, yes, more nausea. Your signs could be that your water breaks, or your mucus plug comes out, or you start having contractions In a regular, irregular pattern. Whatever signs your body gives you, you are headed in the right direction. Practice surrendering now! Do your best to let go of needing to know and just listen and feel your process. You will know when it's time to go to the hospital. If your water breaks, it is important to let your Dr. know. Once your water breaks, you usually have a good 12-24 hours and sometimes more, before you meet your baby. Within 12 hours after water breaks, your Dr will want you to go to the hospital. You may go in and have an exam just to discover that you are under 5 cm dilated. At that point you may or may not decide to stay at the hospital. A good general rule to follow for gauging when to go to the hospital is, 4-1-1. This means the contractions are 4 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute and tracking so for 1 hour. 

Once you have been admitted in to the hospital, your practice of surrendering takes place. You will want to be as informed as possible about choices, hospital protocol and interventions but you will also need to remember to surrender to the process happening in your body. Making sure your support people are tuned in to you as you start to get set up in your room, will allow for you to surrender. 

All along your labor and delivery, you will have moments in which you can rest. This is not the kind of rest you are used to but it is a break between contractions, in between pushing. Welcome these breaks and completely relax all parts of your body, close your eyes.  We don't know how any birth is going to happen so trust yourself, communicate what you are thinking and feeling. Your doctor, nurses and any other birth professionals will know how to listen to what you are saying and guide you on your way to your baby's birth. 

You will give birth, it will be amazing, it will change you forever. You will tell your birth story more than any other story you tell, so enjoy every moment and know that each moment is part of your greatest story ever to tell.