You just never know.

You know your body in very specific ways prior to becoming pregnant but once you begin growing a human in your body so many things become foreign. Never mind the expansion of so many of your parts, how about just the change in how you can't figure out basic ways to care for yourself. Foods you may have loved forever might start to make you nauseous or you may start to crave random combinations of foods or foods you never liked before. You may also just go along eating normally and have no changes with nutrition whatsoever.   You just never know. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had an extreme aversion to mushrooms. I had no idea how much mushrooms were around in my life until I wanted to vomit hard every time I saw one, smelled one or even read the word. In the same pregnancy I couldn't get enough garlic. I would have brushed my teeth with it if I could have. You just never know!


You may enter your pregnancy with a regular workout routine that you are dedicated to and that may continue without missing a beat. You may even feel like you want to do more to take care of yourself in this way. You could also begin your pregnancy fit and healthy and suddenly you have no energy, desire to do anything even close to movement for the good of your heart or your baby. You may arrive at 8 months pregnant and realize this and suddenly decide it is time to start a prenatal yoga class to "prepare". You just never know.

You may take childbirth education classes, hypnobirthing, baby care and prenatal yoga and end up with a short labor and an easy delivery. You may have a long labor, easy delivery and taken all the recommended classes and feel amazing immediately after birth. You may tear a little even though you have squatted, walked , eaten fiber and done perineal massage. You may end up delivering by cesarean  after doing all of the above. You just never know.

The thing to take away from this is, enjoy that you will be surprised everyday while you are pregnant. Enjoy that you will expand, change, grow and transition into a person that will be called Mama, mommy, mom and Mother. Enjoy that your body has wild ability to do this primal gift. Enjoy that your body is intelligent, powerful, brilliant and knows how to recover from such a thing. Enjoy that you are full of your feminine energy right now and that you will birth your baby. Enjoy that you just never know how it will all go.