I actually don’t know how anyone gives birth WITHOUT Rebecca! Having been induced 3 weeks early, my birth was a little more complicated (and scary) than we’d “planned” for, so I was even more grateful to have Rebecca by our side. Prior to the birth, she met with my husband and I, she held space for us to express our frustrations and fears with zero judgement and then like the wizard that she is, gave us some tips and tools and left us feeling empowered and excited for the birth. She is a long time yoga teacher so her ability to work with, move with, breath with, and intuit the body is nothing short of exceptional. I will never forget the way that she used massage and yoga to literally take my contractions from inconsistent jagged peaks and valleys to beautifully, consistent rhythmic waves and dare I say, enjoyable. Her egoless yet confident approach worked brilliantly within a staff of hospital doctors and nurses so that it always felt like we were all working together. And after our baby was born, Rebecca has continued to show her love and support and I know she is always a phone call away if I ever need her. Do yourself, your partner, you future baby a favor and get Rebecca by your side for this epic adventure you’re about to embark on!
— Emily Morwen, Odessa's Mom, Owner of Modo Yoga LA