I am so thankful that I crossed paths with Rebecca.

I am so thankful that I crossed paths with Rebecca. Once I was pregnant, I had a mutual friend recommend her yoga class and doula services. When you work with Rebecca, she doesn’t just show up for the birth...she is huge support leading up to the birth, and following the birth.

If you are lucky enough to take her prenatal yoga or any of her postnatal classes, you will not only feel her encouragement & support but you will also benefit from the community of women that she has influenced.

I had a long, difficult labor. Rebecca had so many amazing techniques to ease the pain of my contractions. She helped me breathe, she helped me stay focused. She was a calming force the entire time. She helped us through all of the twists and turns during those trying 26 hours.

We were not able to follow our original birth plan of going drug free. We found ourselves confronted with some interventions, and some very scary moments. Rebecca guided us through with grace, and helped me to make peace with the way things came to pass. I cannot for a second imagine going through my labor without her. She is a light, guiding so many women into the joy of motherhood. I feel so fortunate to have had her in my corner!
— Becca Sweitzer, Stevie's Mom