Looking back now I can’t imagine the birth of my son Mateo without Rebecca’s help.

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical of the thought of hiring a doula to aid my wife Lisa and I in the birth of our first child. Ignorant may be a better word. I had never heard of a doula (I had heard of midwives before) so I didn’t really know what a doula did nor was I sure if we should spend the money to hire one.

My wife explained a doula’s role and I kind of got it but still wasn’t really sold. We agreed to look into it and met with Rebecca who was referred to us by my wife’s hair stylist. In meeting Rebecca I found her to be incredibly warm and compassionate. The kind of person that you just want to hug. She had a soothing way about her and had a comforting effect on both my wife and I. Rebecca explained to us what her role as a doula was and how she would aid us with whatever decisions we had already made in our birth plan. At the end of that first meeting over coffee I understood the role of a doula a little bit more and thought Rebecca was great. Having said that, I have to say I still was not 100% sure that we needed the extra help for the money. A couple of weeks later my wife and I made the decision to hire Rebecca. I came to the realization that Rebecca gave Lisa a certain level of confidence in the way a security blanket makes you feel at ease. I also came to the realization that Lisa was pushing this bay out and not I so I would go with whatever Lisa’s gut was.

Looking back now I can’t imagine the birth of my son Mateo without Rebecca’s help. It’s hard to put into words what Rebecca meant to Lisa and I but today I can say that I know exactly what a doula does thanks to her. And I am SOOOO glad we decided to hire her. Rebecca was absolutely amazing in both our pre-birth meetings and for Mateo’s actual birth. She was supportive in every way possible and today Lisa and I are happy to call her a friend. As my wife says “the A-Team” will be back together when we’re ready for #2...
— Oscar Marquez, Mateo's Dad