She helped my husband and I become an even stronger team as we prepared for what we knew would be one of the most important and most memorable days of our lives.

I had the good fortune of joining Rebecca’s prenatal yoga class a while before I became pregnant. At that time a few of her doula clients also came to her class regularly (since then her class has grown exponentially) and I was able to see her clients make the journey through pregnancy and see them again when they came back with their babies. All of them had so much to say about how integral Rebecca was to their birth experiences, and I was really impressed with the relationship Rebecca maintained with them through their entire experience. So when I became pregnant myself I already knew I would hire Rebecca as my doula. My husband wasn’t really sure what a doula did but after a meeting with Rebecca and hearing some info from her perspective he also hopped on board.

Leading up to the birth of our son, Rebecca met with us and helped us peel back each layer of doubt and fear surrounding our birth. She helped my husband and I become an even stronger team as we prepared for what we knew would be one of the most important and most memorable days of our lives. And when the big day came, Rebecca far exceeded any expectations I had conjured up after speaking and observing her with past clients.
It had been my dream to at least TRY for a natural birth. My labor ended up being 32 hours long and there were several stages throughout when I thought I could not continue without an epidural. I never felt any judgment from her whatsoever about receiving or not receiving pain meds. Instead she helped me shift my perspective so I could do what I needed to accept each stage of my labor as it was.

Rebecca is so in touch with her instincts and so experienced as a doula that it was very easy to trust her — and having 100% trust between you, your partner and doula is key! I felt safe and looked after throughout my labor. If there was anything I needed, Rebecca was there, even in those moments when it was too difficult to form words! I’ll never forget walking in the park with Rebecca and my husband in early labor, how her arms were open and ready when I needed her body to lean on and her sweet words in my ear when I was pushing my dear baby boy into the world. Oh and so, so much more!

Rebecca also helped my husband find supreme confidence during my labor. He was amazing through the entire experience and Rebecca never took his place, but helped him step into his place as my partner and stay there. I tell all my friends and have no doubt that if it was not for Rebecca my birth would have gone very differently and I probably would not have been able to achieve the natural birth I had hoped for. I feel heaps of gratitude that Rebecca was there for me. She felt like family the day my son was born. Her back-up doula, Rachel Shapiro, also helped us get our footing after our son was born and in those first hours of motherhood that help is priceless. As an addition to our doula package, my husband and I also experienced Rebecca and Rachel’s “Welcome Home” package. This was really the icing on the cake. We had delicious, nutritious food in our fridge and Rebecca greeting us when we arrived home for the first time with our son. She and Rachel also provided so many other goodies to help with my postpartum care — things you won’t know you’ll need until you need them! I would recommend this package to anyone hiring Rebecca. She is truly so much more than a doula — she is a godsend.
— Candice Abraham, Easton's Mom