I am so thankful that I crossed paths with Rebecca. Once I was pregnant, I had a mutual friend recommend her yoga class and doula services. When you work with Rebecca, she doesn't just show up for the birth...she is huge support leading up to the birth, and following the birth.

— Becca Sweitzer, Stevie's Mom

I had the good fortune of joining Rebecca’s prenatal yoga class a while before I became pregnant. At that time a few of her doula clients also came to her class regularly (since then her class has grown exponentially) and I was able to see her clients make the journey through pregnancy and see them again when they came back with their babies. All of them had so much to say about how integral Rebecca was to their birth experiences, and I was really impressed with the relationship Rebecca maintained with them through their entire experience. So when I became pregnant myself I already knew I would hire Rebecca as my doula. My husband wasn’t really sure what a doula did but after a meeting with Rebecca and hearing some info from her perspective he also hopped on board.

— Candice Abraham, Easton's Mom

My first ever yoga class was prenatal yoga with Rebecca when I was approximately 20 weeks pregnant. I walked into the first class intimidated by the very idea of yoga. I’m the least flexible person on earth.

— Lisa Vergeer, Mateo's Mom

Having Rebecca there to support my wife through the months of our pregnancy was an amazing gift. However, I could never anticipate how important she would be to me as an expecting father on the day of our daughter's birth. With no hyperbole I can say that I am not sure how I would have been able to handle that day without her.

— Chris D'Arienzo, Stevie's Dad

I wasn’t sure what a doula did before meeting with Rebecca, but after hearing from her I felt having her would only add to our experience. On the big day I was so impressed with how Rebecca handled everything. She never felt controlling or overbearing but at the same time helped us handle so much in a calm and supportive way.

She had an amazing way with all the hospital staff and knew just what to ask for and what my wife might need, things that as a guy with no birth experience (obviously!) I would have had no idea to ask for.

— Thoomas Peters, Easton's Dad

I must admit that I was a bit skeptical of the thought of hiring a doula to aid my wife Lisa and I in the birth of our first child. Ignorant may be a better word. I had never heard of a doula (I had heard of midwives before) so I didn’t really know what a doula did nor was I sure if we should spend the money to hire one.

— Oscar Marquez, Mateo's Dad

Hiring Rebecca to be our doula was the best decision we made for ourselves and our baby. Rebecca provided the support, understanding, wisdom and guidance that I needed to feel safe, calm and grounded.

— Rachel Shapiro, Milo's Mom

There is so much mystery to grapple with during a pregnancy, especially your first one, and it was such a relief to have someone like Rebecca preparing us to meet those mysteries head on.

— Andy Gowan, Milo's Dad

Rebecca Benenati’s pre-natal yoga classes at City Yoga are transformative, playful, inspiring—they create an unique and supportive environment for pregnant women and new mothers in which to thrive, something that is all credit to Rebecca.

— Mora Stephens, Etta's Mom

Rebecca proved to be an invaluable resource and presence during the labor experience. Anyone potentially having second thoughts about hiring Rebecca as a doula should proceed as she’s worth every penny. She’s calming not only for the mom but also the partner.

— Stephen Kaplan, Spencer’s Dad

I don’t know how I would have made it through my childbirth experience without Rebecca as my guide. She was amazing. She was there every step of the way, first helping me get ready for childbirth, then being so supportive throughout my very long and complicated labor and delivery, and finally helping me with my newborn after birth.

— Julia Carpenter, Spencer’s Mom